The consortium consists of 7 partners:

  • Liceo E. Fermi (coordinator)  (Italy)
  • Scuola di Robotica  (Italy)
  • Università degli studi di Padova (Italy)
  • Edumotiva- European Lab for Educational Technology (Greece)
  • 6EK A PEIRAIA (Greece)
  • 7th Secondary Education School Committee of Athens Municipality (Greece)
  • Valmieras 5.vidusskola (Latvia)
  • Latvijas Universitate (Latvia)

About the partnership:

University of Latvia/Education Dept. will be the main pedagogical partner and will offer its pedagogic expertise, especially in Early School Leaving. University of Padova/Dept. of Information Engineering will contribute its technological expertise in educational robotics. Non-profit educational organisations like Edumotiva (Greece) and Scuola di Robotica (Italy) will contribute their expertise in educational robotics and in training/learning design. Students at risk of school failure and ESL that are enrolled in the participant secondary school in Italy, Greece and Latvia will be engaged in RoboESL intervention.